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Simulation enables the complete evaluation of automation in a virtual working environment. Automation operations and assembly processes can be completely proven in a virtual environment before prototypes are made, ensuring the systems that are built are the most efficient, accurate, and cost-effective. Through the use of simulation and robotics programs can be developed offline to save extensive implementation time as well as reduce downtime for assembly systems. The program can be sent directly to the physical robot after it has been tested and debugged, during commissioning and installation.

Simulations entails evaluating tooling and fixtures, path development and collision detection, cycle time analysis, robot reach verification, process validation and improvement, system layout validation, robot safety, offline programs, robot selection studies and robot integration documentation.

Mechanical  Design

Intelligent mechanical design is the bedrock of success in manufacturing. Our engineering firm’s experienced personnel provides unrivaled tool design, including problem-free, sophisticated, and efficient tooling. Our organization provides comprehensive documentation that is specifically tailored to meet your requirements.

Advanced Process

The mechanical design team expertise entails assembly fixtures, end of arm tooling (Robot EOAT), weld systems buffer systems, conveyor tooling and speciality tooling machines.

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System Layout

Our staff is qualified to provide our clients with a variety of system design, process design, and layout design services in both 2D and 3D.

Systems integration, iterative design concepts and drawing (CAD, Blueprints, etc) as well as as-built services. We Collaborate with clients to create the most complete and cost-effective solution possible. We are able to provide general arrangement tooling, Fence, and cable tray design, controls and special equipment, and tear-down break points.

Staffing Solutions

Engineering manpower development is a specialty of our recruiters. Based out of our Detroit office, our workforce is able to support our clients globally in the fields of engineering, specialized automotive design, manufacturing, and various build industries. If the work is performed at our office or our client’s facilities. we provide the correct person for the project.

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Robotic Technicians and Robot Programming

Robot software development, commissioning, and integration are all facets of our robotic group. From single stand-alone robot cells to entire plant assembly lines, We specialize in every type of robotic system.

Robots we have experience with: